Characteristic features of inonotus radiatus (pictures and text)

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Comprehensive Description

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Inonotus radiatus (Sow.) Karst. Rev. Myc. 3': 19. 1881
Boletus radiatus Sow. Engl Fungi pi. 196. 1799.
Polyporus radiatus Fries, Syst. Myc. 1 . 369. 1821. -r^ i a >.
Polvporus cucullatus Berk. & Curt. Grevillea 1 : 51. 1872. (Type from New England J P^/>;)or7a^/t?;«^ratoPeck, Ann. Rep. N.Y. State Mus. 24: 78. 1873. ^^yV^^^^^^y^l^ ^^r^^;J^ Polyporus aureo-niiens Pat. & Peck; Peck, Ann. Rep. N. Y. State Mus. 42 : 25. l»syi^yP^
from New York.) „ ^^ . ,
Poria seiigera Peck, Ann. Rep. N. Y. State Mus. 51 : 293. 1898. (Type from New York.)
Pileus corky to woody, imbricate, confluent, sessile, umbonate behind, especially when young, 3-5X6-9X0.5-1 cm.; surface radiate-rugose to very uneven, minutely velvety to glabrous, fulvous to ferruginous-fuscous or almost black behind; margin thin, pallid, undulate to lobed : context subzonate, ferruginous to dark-fulvous, 1-3 mm. thick; tubes slender, grayish-umbrinous to fulvous, about 5 mm. long, mouths angular, somewhat irregular, 3-5 to a mm., edges whitish at first, becoming dark-fulvous with age, glistening, thin, fimbriate to lacerate: spores ellipsoid, luteolous, 4-6 X 3-4 /^ ; hyphae 2.5-3 /«.
Type locality : Sussex, England.
Habitat: Decayed alder, hazelnut, birch, and other deciduous trees.
Distribution : Canada and the northeastern United States ; also in Europe.
bibliographic citation
William Alphonso MurrilI, Gertrude Simmons BurIingham, Leigh H Pennington, John Hendly Barnhart. 1907-1916. (AGARICALES); POLYPORACEAE-AGARICACEAE. North American flora. vol 9. New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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