The technical and data management team at EOL refer to the structured data resources in EOL- trait and other attribute data, ecological interactions, and our native classification, the Dynamic Working Hierarchy- collectively as TraitBank. This content is managed somewhat differently than our "classic" content- images, video, audio and descriptive text- and it's useful for different things.

TraitBank is younger than the rest of EOL; it was originally conceived by Species Pages Group director Cynthia Parr, and went live in EOL v2 in January 2014. Since then, structured data has been our highest priority for content development.

Now, you can search or browse EOL by structured data, or download it, or you may encounter it on our new overview tab in the form of autogenerated text. Like the rest of EOL content, it is available for re-use, and comes with detailed attribution data so you can credit it if you use it in your own work.

This data is modeled as a property graph in neo4j. Data services are available.

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