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Dicaeoma obtectum (Peck) Kuntze, Rev. Gen. 3^: 469. 1898
Puccinia obtecta Peck, Bull. Buffalo Sec. Nat. Sci. 1: 66. 1873.
Aecidium compositarum Bidenlis Burrill; De-Toni, in Sacc. Syll. Fung. 7: 799. 1888.
Pycnia amphigenous, gregarious, usualiy crowded in small groups about 0.5 mm. across, noticeable, projecting rather prominently above the sturface of the leaf, honey-yellow becoming brownish, columnar or frustum-shaped, 80-100 ix broad by 110-130 ju high.
bibliographic citation
Joseph Charles Arthur, Fred. Denton Fromme, Frank Dunn Kern. 1920. (UREDINALES); AECIDIACEAE (continuatio); DICAEOMA ON POACEAE (continuatio), DICAEOMA ON CAREX. North American flora. vol 7(5). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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