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Ceriomyces atkinsonianus Munill, sp. nov
Pileus convex to nearly plane, 9-14 cm. broad, about 2.5 cm. thick ; surface smooth, glabrous, viscid when wet, sometimes becoming rimose-areolate, leather-colored to fulvous, often with a pinkish tinge; margin inrolled when young, extending 3 mm. beyond the tubes, entire at first, slightly hoary: context white, becoming pale rose-colored when wounded, sweet to the taste; tubes adnate, plane in mass, becoming slightly depressed near the stem, straw-colored in young plants, not changing^ when wounded, becoming olivaceous with age owing to the ripening of the spores, mouths small, circular, concolorous, 4-5 to a mm., not stuffed when young, edges thin, entire : spores fusiform, smooth, darkolivaceous to dull-brownish in mass, 11-13X4-5//; stipe tapering upward, somewhat bulbous at the base, glabrous, even, subconcolorous, cartilaginous, pale-yellow at the apex, solid, white and unchanging within, about 9-12 cm. long and 1-3 cm. thick.
Type collected on the ground in deciduous woods in Pink Bed Valley, North Carolina, July, 1908, JV. A. Murrill & H. D. House 64.
Distribution : North Carolina and New York.
bibliographic citation
William Alphonso MurrilI, Gertrude Simmons BurIingham, Leigh H Pennington, John Hendly Barnhart. 1907-1916. (AGARICALES); POLYPORACEAE-AGARICACEAE. North American flora. vol 9. New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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