Pinarophyilon bullatum

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Pinarophyilon bullatum Standley, sp. nov
Plants suffrutescent at the base, the stems stout, 3-12 cm. long, erect or decumbent, simple or sparsely branched, densely villous with long slender weak ferruginous hairs, densely leafy; petioles 1 cm. long or shorter; leaf-blades obovate, oblanceolate, or oblong-oblanceolate, 2.5-5.5 cm. long, 0.7-1.8 cm. wide, attenuate at the base, acute to rounded at the apex, conspicuously bullate, striolate, bright-green above, sparsely long-villous, the venation impressed or prominulous, paler beneath, copiously villous along the veins with weak ferruginous multicellular hairs, the lateral veins prominulous, 5-8 on each side, arcuately divaricate, the secondary veins obscure; peduncles numerous, 1.5-3.5 cm. long, sparsely villous, filiform, flexuous, mostly 1flowered, sometimes 2-flowered, when 2-flowered the pedicels 1.4 cm. long or shorter; hypanthium sparsely ferruginovillous, narrowly turbinate, about 2 mm. long; calyx-lobes 4 or 5, narrowly triangular, acute, about 1 mm. long; corolla 3-4 mm. long, glabrous, the lobes 4 or 5, lance-oblong, acute; anthers 1.5 mm. long; capsule narrowly oblong-turbinate, 5-7 mm. long, thin, costate, striolate; seeds minute, dark-brown.
Type collected between Sepacuite and Secoyoct£, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, altitude 1100 meters, May, 1905, H. Pittier 348 (U. S. Nat. Herb. no. 473013). Distribution: Wet shaded banks, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.
bibliographic citation
Paul Carpenter Standley. 1921. RUBIALES; RUBIACEAE (pars). North American flora. vol 32(2). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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