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Entoloma indigoferum (Ellis) Sacc. Syll. Fung. 5: 688. 1887
Agaricus indigoferus Ellis, Bull. Torrey Club 6: 75. 1876.
Pileus convex-plane, gregarious or subcespitose, 7.5-10 cm. broad; surface rivulose, indigo-blue, at length fading more or less; context white, very thin toward the margin; lamellae hardly crowded, sinuate-emarginate, white, becoming flesh-colored, at length becoming ventricose and separating from the stipe; spores dull-flesh -colored, very irregular, 10 ju; stipe solid, brittle, fibrillose, white, more or less tinged with blue, 5-7.5 cm. long, 6-12 mm. thick.
Type locality: Newfield, New Jersey. Habitat: Among mosses in swamps. Distribution: New Jersey.
bibliographic citation
William Alphonso Murrill. 1917. (AGARICALES); AGARICACEAE (pars); AGARICEAE (pars). North American flora. vol 10(2). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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