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Catclaw Acacia

Senegalia wrightii (Benth.) Britton & Rose

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Senegalia wrightii (Benth.) Britton & Rose
Acada Wrightii Benth.; A. Gray, PI. Wright. 1: 64. 1852.
A shrub or small tree, glabrous throughout, the branches bearing short scattered prickles, or sometimes unarmed. Leaves often fascicled, especially on the older branches; petiole 4—12 mm. long, bearing a small gland at the top; pinnae 1 or 2 pairs; leaflets 2-6 pairs, oblique, obovate to short-oblong, obtuse or retuse, often apiculate, 2-3-nerved, 6-10 mm. long, glabrous; inflorescence a slender raceme; peduncles 2-5 cm. long; legume glabrous, flattened, thin, somewhat falcate, 5-7.5 cm. long, about 2 cm. wide, usually rounded at base, rounded at apex, short-stipitate.
Type locality: Prairies west of San Antonio, Texas. Distribution ; Texas to Tamaulipas, and Nuevo Le6n.
bibliographic citation
Nathaniel Lord Britton and Joseph Nelson Rose. 1928. (ROSALES); MIMOSACEAE. North American flora. vol 23(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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