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Parastacus defossus Faxon

Parastacus defossus Faxon, 1898:686, pl. 67: figs. 3, 4.—Riek, 1971:134.—Buckup and Rossi, 1980:677, figs. 15–17, 21.

TYPES.—Syntypes, USNM 19647 (3 specimens); MCZ 4776 (1 specimen).

TYPE LOCALITY.—Montevideo, Uruguay.

RANGE.—From Montevideo, Uruguay, to east central Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. (See Buckup and Rossi, 1980:677.)


Parastacus laevigatus Buckup and Rossi

Parastacus laevigatus Buckup and Rossi, 1980:677, figs. 18–21.

TYPES.—Holotype, MN.UFRJ (male); paratypes, MN.UFRJ.

TYPE LOCALITY.—“Joinville, (Estrada da Cidra, Chácara dos Ipes), Santa Catarina, Brasil” (Buckup and Rossi, 1980:680).

RANGE.—Known from only two localities, in the extreme northeastern part of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

HABITAT.—Not reported.
bibliographic citation
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