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Width to 20 cm. Bell hemispherical, slightly pointed with smooth to finely granulated surface. Mouth-arms with basal regions joined by membrane, tapering to blunt point. Length about equal to bell diameter, with many short lateral filaments and a long terminal filament (about 2/3 mouth-arm length). In some specimens filaments missing. Near-white bell with or without irregular dar (rd) brown spots, especially peripherally. Habitat: coastal, sometimes in brackish or silty waters. Distribution: W Indian Ocean to central Pacific Ocean (Richmond, 1997).
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bibliographic citation
Richmond, M. (Ed.) (1997). A guide to the seashores of Eastern Africa and the Western Indian Ocean islands. Sida/Department for Research Cooperation, SAREC: Stockholm, Sweden. ISBN 91-630-4594-X. 448 pp.
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