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Narrowpod Sensitive Pea

Chamaecrista lineata var. keyensis (Pennell) H. S. Irwin & Barneby

Comprehensive Description

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Chamaecrista keyensis Pennell, Bull. Torrey Club 44: 344 1917.
Suffruticose, perennial; stems spreading or ascending, rather slender, villous-pubescent, 1-8 dm. long. Stipules lanceolate, acuminate, 4-5 mm. long, few-nerved; petiolar gland sessile, depressed, saucer-shaped; leaflets 4-7 pairs, oblanceolate, mucronate, subcoriaceous, densely pubescent, 7-10 mm. long; pedicels slender, 1.5-2 cm. long, pubescent; sepals lanceolate, acuminate, pubescent, 8-9 mm. long; petals 9-10 mm. long; legume linear, 4-4.5 cm. long, 4-5 mm. wide, puberulent.
Type locality; Big Pine Key, Monroe County, Florida.
Distribution: Known only from Big Pine Key and No Name Key. Florida.
bibliographic citation
Nathaniel Lord Britton and Joseph Nelson Rose. 1928. (ROSALES); MIMOSACEAE. North American flora. vol 23(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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