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Poison Angelica

Angelica lineariloba A. Gray

Comprehensive Description

provided by North American Flora
Angelica lineariloba A. Gray, Proc. Am. Acad. 7: 347. 1868
Angelica lineariloba var. Culbertsonii Jepson, Man. Fl. PI. Calif. 728. 1925.
Stout, 5-15 dm. high, the foliage scabrous to glabrate, the inflorescence more or less scabrous; leaves deltoid in general outline, excluding the petioles 1-3.5 dm. long, ternatepinnately decompound, linear to linear-oblong, mucronate, acute, sessile, 2-10 cm. long, 2-8 mm. broad, entire; petioles 5-25 cm. long, sheathing at the base; cauline leaves similar, reduced above with dilated sheaths, the uppermost petioles wholly sheathing; peduncles stout, 1.5-3 dm. long; involucre wanting or of a sheathlike bract; involucel wanting; rays numerous, 20-40, spreading-ascending, subequal, 3-7 cm. long; pedicels 3-10 mm. long, spreading; flowers white or pinkish, the petals oval, glabrous to scaberulous ; ovaries glabrous to scabrous; stylopodium conic; fruit oblong to cuneate, 10-13 mm. long, 5-7 mm. broad, scaberulous to glabrate, the dorsal ribs narrowly winged, the lateral broader than the dorsal and about equaling the body ; oil-tubes solitary or a pair in the intervals, 4 on the commissure; seed-face concave.
Type locality: Ostrander's Meadows, Yosemite Valley, California, 2400 m., Bolander. Distribution: Central and southern Sierra Nevada. Sweetwater, and Panamint ranges, California and adjacent Nevada (Keck &* Abrams 2906, Hall &° Chandler 7 128).
bibliographic citation
Albert Charles Smith, Mildred Esther Mathias, Lincoln Constance, Harold William Rickett. 1944-1945. UMBELLALES and CORNALES. North American flora. vol 28B. New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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