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Animal / dung saprobe
perithecium of Chaetomium funicola is saprobic in/on dung or excretions of dung of Herbivores
Other: unusual host/prey


Comprehensive Description

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Chaetomium funicola Cooke, Grevillea 1 : 176. 1873
Chaetomium setosum Ellis & Ev. Am. Nat. 31 : 340. 1897. ^^t *f^f,^^^«Jl,^^*^t. 1887. Chaetomium Bartholomaei Sacc. & Syd. m Sacc. Syll. Fung. 14 : 490. 1899.
Perithecia more or less scattered, small, broadly ovoid, about 150-110 /i, dark-brown, clothed on all sides with hairs ; lateral hairs simple, comparatively short, smooth ; rhizoids
slender, pale-brown, flexuous ; apical hairs of two kinds, simple and branched; simple
hairs lanceolate, extending 375 fi above the perithecium, smooth or nearly so, dark-brown
or almost black at the base, gradually tapering to a point and becoming paler at the tip ;
branching hairs few in number or forming amass 180// above the perithecium, subhyaline
or pale-brown to dark-brown, sometimes incrusted, usually smooth, with numerous
ramifications, sometimes regularly dichotomous, more often irregularly branched ; branches
short, 15-20 //; spores small, broadly obo void, scarcely apiculate, 4.5-6X3-4.5^.
On old broom, straw, and damaged hay. Type locality : Albany, New York. Distribution : New York to IC^tisas.
bibliographic citation
Fred Jay Seaver, Helen Letitia Palliser, David Griffiths. 1910. HYPOCREALES, FIMETARIALES. North American flora. vol 3(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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