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Emeryia wroughtonii Forel , 1890: Ann. Soc.Ent. Belg.34:103.

Cardiocondyla wroughtonii Forel : Forel, 1892, Verh. Zool.-Bot. Ges. Wien. 42: 313.

Cardiocondyla hawaiensis Wilson & Taylor , 1967: Pac. Insec. Monog. 14:56.

Cardiocondyla bimaculata Smith , 1979: Cata. Hym. Amer. Nor. Mex. 2: 1376.

World distribution: India & Egypt.

Distribution in Egypt: Lower Nile.

Material examined: Sallant (Dakhlyia): 28.V.1998 (10).

Note: This species is a new record to the Egyptian fauna.

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bibliographic citation
Mohamed, S., 2001, Taxonomy of ant species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) collected by pitfall traps from Sinai and Delta region, Egypt., Egyptian Journal of Natural History, pp. 40-61, vol. 3
Mohamed, S.
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