Plate 45

Image of Prorocentrum mexicanum


Plate 45. Prorocentrum mexicanum. Figs. 1-5. SEM. Fig. 1. Right valve: cell oval. Periflagellar collar curved and prominent (arrow). Trichocyst pores radially arranged (arrowheads). Fig. 2. Left valve. Apical area excavated (M.A. Faust). Fig. 3. Lateral view: cell ovate to convex; intercalary band broad and transversely striated. Cell surface rugose. Fig. 4. Trichocyst pores round with smooth edge, within deep furrowed depressions. Fig. 5. Periflagellar area: small, V-shaped shallow depression. Prominent curved periflagellar collar (double arrows) adjacent to auxiliary pore; protuberant periflagellar plate (single arrow) opposite and adjacent to flagellar pore. Fig. 6. LM. Right valve: radial pore arrangement visible (M.A. Faust). Fig. 7. Line drawing: trichocyst pore arrangement. (Figs. 1,3-5,7 after Faust 1990b)

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Faust, Maria A. and Rose A. Gulledge. Identifying Harmful Marine Dinoflagellates. Smithsonian Contributions from the United States National Herbarium, volume 42: 1-144 (including 48 plates, 1 figure and 1 table).
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