Image of eggyolk lichen

Image of eggyolk lichen


Slo.: ? - Syn.: Caloplaca xanthostigma (Pers. ex Ach.) H. Olivier, Candelariella lutella (Vain.) Rsnen, Gyalolechia vitellina var. xanthostigma (Pers. ex Ach.) Dalla Torre & Sarnth, Lecanora xanthostigma (Pers. ex Ach.) Rhl. - Habitat: natural tree hedge between abandoned pastures; moderately inclined mountain slope, south-east aspect; relatively warm and dry place; calcareous ground, sunny place; exposed to direct rain; average precipitations ~ 3.000 mm/year, average temperature 7-9 deg C, elevations 600 m (1.950 feet), alpine phytogeographical region. - Substratum: bark of smaller branches of almost stand-alone, recently cut down Juglans regia. - Comment: Candelariella xanthostigma is a tiny, common lichen. Its apothecia measure less than 1 mm in diameter. So, it is easy to overlook it. To use a hand lens for observation is a must. The species can be recognized by its yellow or yellow-greenish thallus, which consists of tiny corticated granules and yellow apothecia (if present). It grows on broadleaf tree bark. However, there exist several similar minute, yellow species, hence a mistake in determination cannot be excluded. Observing asci, which are 12- to 32-spored in Candelariella xanthostigma would make the determination reliable. Several specimens were found on this tree, mostly on thinner branches. Most of them were sterile (yellow granules only).Ref.:(1) C.W. Smith, et al, The lichens of Great Britain and Ireland, The British Lichen Society, (2009), p 278.(2) I.M. Brodo, S.D. Sharnoff, S. Sharnoff, Lichens of North America, Yale Uni. Press (2001), p 206.(3) V. Wirth, Die Flechten Baden-Wrttembergs, Teil.1., Ulmer (1995), p 247.(4) F.S. Dobson, Lichens, The Richmonds Publishing Ca.LTD (2005), p 113.(5) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/259591560_A_conspectus_of_the_lichen_genus_Candelariella_in_southwest_Asia_with_emphasis_on_Iran_Nova_Hedwigia (accessed Feb. 13. 2018) (6) https://www.thm.de/lse/fachbereich/team/professoren/singlearticle/13-94-Kirschbaum/215-c.html (accessed Feb. 15. 2018)(7) http://www.stridvall.se/lichens/gallery/Candelariella/NIKB0666 (accessed Feb. 15. 2018)

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