Image of Catharylla mayrabonillae T. Léger & B. Landry

Image of Catharylla mayrabonillae T. Léger & B. Landry


Figures 1–8.Habitus of Catharylla species: 1 Catharylla bijuga sp. n., holotype, French Guiana, Pied Saut, Oyapock River (CMNH) 2 Catharylla chelicerata sp. n., Parcelles CIRAD de Combi, plantations expérimentales pk 1.8, 5°18'N, 52°55'30"W (MHNG) 3 Catharylla gigantea sp. n., holotype, Brazil, Amazonas, Manaus, Reserva Ducke, AM-010, km 26, 2°55'S, 59°59'W 4 Catharylla tenellus Zeller, Brazil, Saõ Paulo, Bertioga (Becker Coll.) 5 Catharylla coronata sp. n., holotype, Brazil, Espirito Santo, Linhares (USNM) 6 Catharylla serrabonita sp. n., holotype, Brazil, Bahia. Camacan, Reserva Serra Bonita, 15°23'S, 39°33'W, 800m (Becker Coll.) 7 Catharylla mayrabonillae sp. n., holotype, Ecuador, Napo, Misahualli (Becker Coll.) 8 Catharylla paulella Schaus, holotype, Brazil, Sao Paulo state, Sao Paulo (USNM).

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Théo Léger, Bernard Landry, Matthias Nuss, Richard Mally
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Léger T, Landry B, Nuss M, Mally R (2014) Systematics of the Neotropical genus Catharylla Zeller (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae s. l., Crambinae) ZooKeys 375: 15–73
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