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Bullaria chondrillina (Bubak & Sydow) Arthur & Mains
Uredo Chondmllae Opiz, Seznam 151, hyponym. 1852.
Puccinia chondrillina Bubak & Sydow, Oesterr. Bot. Zeits. 51: 17. 1901.
Pycnia amphigenous, honey-yellow, grouped among the primary uredinia, soon disappearing.
II. Uredinia of the primary form in large, circular or irregular groups, otherwise similar to the secondary form; secondary uredinia amphigenous or caulicolous, numerous, scattered or sometimes crowded on stems into elongate groups, round or irregular, 0.2-0.6 mm. in diameter, rather tardily naked, pulverulent, dark cinnamon-brown, ruptured epidermis conspicuous; uredinios pores of both forms obovoid or ellipsoid, 16-23 by 23-29 li; wall cinnamon-brown, 1-1.5 n, usually 1 (x thick, finely, closely and inconspicuously echinulate, the pores 2, superequatorial.
III. Telia amphigenous or caulicolous, scattered or crowded in groups of several sori,. round or irregularly elongate, 0.2-0.8 mm. across, rather early naked, pulvinate, chestnutbrown, ruptured epidermis evident; teliospores ellipsoid or oblong, 19-23 by 30-39 ft, usuallyrounded above and below, slightly constricted at septum; wall dark cinnamonor light chestnut-brown, of uniform thickness, thin, 1 ju or less, very finely and closely verrucose, noticeable only when dry, the pore in upper half of each cell; pedicel hyaline, as long as spore or shorter, fragile.
On Cichoriaceae :
Ckondrilla juncea L., District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia.
Type locality: Bohemia, on [Ckondrilla sp. ?].
Distribution: Northern Virginia to District of Columbia; also in Europe.
bibliographic citation
Joseph Charles Arthur, Edwin Butter worth Mains, Guy Richard Bisby, Herbert Spencer Jackson. 1922. (UREDINALES); AECIDIACEAE (continuatio); BULLARIA, TELEUTOSPORA, MICROPUCCINIA (pars). North American flora. vol 7(7). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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