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Birdsnest Coral

Pocillopora Lamarck 1816


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The genus is easily identified by the presence of wart-like growths, called 'verrucae', which cover the colonies. Corallites are immersed; they may be devoid of internal structures or have low solid columella and two unequal cycles of septa. The coenosteum is usually covered by granules. Polyps usually extended only at night (Veron, 1986). Members of this distinctive genus form branching colonies with characteristic wart-like growths, called verrucae. Identification to species level can be difficult. Three species are found in the W Indian Ocean (Richmond, 1997).
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Veron JEN. (1986). Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific. <em>Angus & Robertson Publishers.</em>
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