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Parosela minor Rose, Contr. U. S. Nat. Herb. 8: 305. 1905
Dalea minor Brand. Zoe 5: 201. 1915.
A decumbent perennial, branched at the base; stems slender, glabrous, reddish, inconspicuously punctate, 3-6 dm. long; leaves 3-6 cm. long; stipules setaceous, 2-3 mm. long; petioles 3-5 mm. long; rachis glabrous; stipels minute, subulate; leaflets 21-41, glabrous, oblong, 2-4 mm. long, rounded or retuse at the apex, thin, glandular-dotted beneath; peduncles 3-5 cm. long, glabrous or nearly so; racemes 3-6 cm. long, lax; bracts lanceolate, acuminate, tardily deciduous, ciliate; calyx-tube turbinate, strongly 10-ribbed, glabrous, 2 mm. long; lobes lanceolate, acute, the upper 4 about equaling the tube, the lowest one longer; corolla violet; blade of the banner reniform, 3 mm. long and 4 mm. broad, the claw 2 mm. long; wings and keel-petals inserted towards the base of the staminal tube, the blades of the former 4 mm. long, those of the latter 5-6 mm. long; pod obliquely obovate, glabrous, conspicuously glandularpunctate.
Type locality: Lodiego, Sinaloa. Distribution: Sinaloa.
bibliographic citation
Per Axel Rydberg. 1919. (ROSALES); FABACEAE; PSORALEAE. North American flora. vol 24(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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