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Artemisia domingensis Urban, Symb. Ant. 7: 430. 1912
An annual; stem erect, 2-3.5 dm. high, branched at the base, villosulous when young; lower and middle leaves ovate in outline, up to 3 cm. long and 2.5 cm. wide, bipinnatifid into lanceolate or linear ultimate segments 5 mm. long, whitish with appressed pubescence beneath, green above; upper leaves pinnatifid or the uppermost 3-cleft or simple; inflorescence terminal and a.xiUary, with spicate-racemose branches which bear about 8 nodding heads; involucre 2-2.5 mm. high; bracts about 10, in two series, the inner oval or oblong, obtuse, the outer smaller; flowers about 15 ; achenes 1 mm. long. (No specimens have been seen, and position in the genus is uncertain, as the long description gives no indication whether the plant belongs to the subgenus Dracunculus or to Abrotanum.)
Type locality: Near Constanza, Santo Domingo. Distribution: Santo Domingo.
bibliographic citation
Per Axel Rydberg. 1916. (CARDUALES); CARDUACEAE; TAGETEAE, ANTHEMIDEAE. North American flora. vol 34(3). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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