Rosa davyi

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Rosa davyi Rydb. Bull. Torrey Club 44: 76. 1917
Stem stout, glabrous, armed with numerous stout prickles, flattened below, 5-10 mm. long; leaves 5-7-foliolate; stipules broad, 1-1.5 cm. long, glandular-dentate on the margin, densely villous, the free portion lanceolate to ovate ; rachis and petiole villous and sometimes glandular-hispid, usually with a few prickles; leaflets broadly oval, 1-2.5 cm. long, rather firm, rounded at both ends, coarsely and simply serrate, short-pilose above, villous beneath ; flowers 2 or 3 together or solitary; pedicels 1-2 cm. long; hypanthium globose, glabrous, in fruit 15 mm. in diameter, purple; sepals lanceolate, caudate-acuminate, 15 mm. long or more, villous on the back, tomentose within; erect and persistent in fruit; petals about 2 cm. long, obcordate; styles persistent, distinct, not exserted.
Type locality: Saratoga, Santa Clara County, California. Distribution : California.
bibliographic citation
Per Axel Rydberg. 1918. ROSACEAE (conclusio). North American flora. vol 22(6). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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