Kalistroemia caribaea

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Kalistroemia caribaea Rydberg, sp. now A branched annual ; stems diffuse or ascending, 3-5 dm. long, striate, finely pubescent and sparingly hirsute ; stipules lanceolate, 3 mm. long; leaves 3-5 cm. long; petioles shorter than the leaflets ; leaflets usually 3 pairs, 1-2 cm. long, obliquely elliptic or oval, rounded and mucronate at the apex, more or less appressed-pubescent or glabrate above, the pairs nearly of the same size; peduncles in fruit 1.5-3 cm. long; sepals narrowly linearlanceolate, hispid, 5 mm. long; petals yellow, obovate, 6-7 mm. long ; fruit grayish-strigose ; beak 4 mm. long, conic at the base, about equaling the carpels ; nutlets tuberculate on the back and reticulate on the faces.
Type collected on Coconut hill, in cotton patches, Montserrat, West Indies, February 5, 1907, J. A.'Sha/erjSS (herb. N. Y. Bot. Gard.).
Distribution : Lesser Antilles, Costa Rica, and Honduras ; also in Colombia and Venezuela.
bibliographic citation
John Kunkel Small, Lenda Tracy Hanks, Nathaniel Lord Britton. 1907. GERANIALES, GERANIACEAE, OXALIDACEAE, LINACEAE, ERYTHROXYLACEAE. North American flora. vol 25(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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