Micranthes galacifolia

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Micranthes galacifolia Small
Saxifraga galacifoha Small, Bull. N. Y. Bot. Gard. 2 : 172. 1901.
Leaves erect or ascending, 7-22 cm. tall, the blades ovate to orbicular-ovate or oval, thin, 4-8 cm. in diameter, dentate or crenate-dentate with slenderly gland-tipped teeth, deeply cordate at the base, sparingly pubescent on both sides, much shorter than the elongated somewhat villous slender petioles ; scapes 28-42 cm. tall, glandular-villous, especially above, thyrsoid ; cymules few-flowered, open, the lower peduncles only slightly longer than the upper, subtended by leaf-like bracts; sepals ovate or oblong-ovate, 2-2.5 mm. long, not ciliolate, reflexed; petals white, oblong to oblong-cuneate, 3-5 mm. long, often somewhat persistent below the fruit; filaments slender-clavate; follicles 10-11 mm. high, the bodies erect with rather slender spreading tips.
Type locality : Near Indian River, Yukon . Distribution : Known only from the type locality.
bibliographic citation
John Kunkel SmaII, Per Axel Rydber, Nathaniel Lord Britton, Percy Wilson, Henry Hurd Rusby. 1905. ROSALES, PODOSTEMONACEAE, CRASSULACEAE, PENTHORACEAE and PARNASSIACEAE. North American flora. vol 22(2). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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