Kalistroemia canescens

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Kalistroemia canescens Rydberg, sp. nov Annual ; stem decumbent, branched at the base, 3-5 dm. long, short-canescent and with a few longer hairs; leaves 1-3 cm. long; petioles 3-5 mm. long; leaflets usually 3 pairs, broadly oval or suborbicular, 5-15 mm. long, rather densely hirsute beneath ; peduncles 1-1.5 cm. long, spreading or reflexed in fruit; sepals lanceolate, about 3 mm. long, hirsute ; petals obovate, 5 mm. long, orange ; fruit strigose ; beak conic at the base, 3 mm. long ; carpels 3-4 mm. long, cross-ridged on the back.
Type collected at Rosario, Sinaloa, July 7, 1897,/. IV. Rose 1547 (U. S. Nat. Herb.). Distribution : Sinaloa and Jalisco.
bibliographic citation
John Kunkel Small, Lenda Tracy Hanks, Nathaniel Lord Britton. 1907. GERANIALES, GERANIACEAE, OXALIDACEAE, LINACEAE, ERYTHROXYLACEAE. North American flora. vol 25(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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