Drymocallis valida

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Drymocallis valida (Greene) Piper, Contr. U. S. Nat
Herb. 11 : 342. 1906.
Poienlilla arguta Nutt. Jour. Acad. Phila. 7 : 21. 1834. Not P. arguta Pursh. 1814.
Polentilla fissa major T. & G. Fl. N. Am. 1 : 446. 1840.
Potentilla glutinosa Nutt.; T. & G. Fl. N. Am. 1 : 446, as synonym. 1840. — Rydb. Bull. Torrey
Club 23 : 245. 1896. Potentilla valida Greene, Pittonia3: 20. 1896. ,
Drymocallis glutinosa Rydb. Mem. Dep. Bot. Columbia Univ. 2 : 196. 1898.
Stem stout, tall, 4-10 dm. high, erect, striate, more or less pubescent with long, viscid or glandular hairs, branched above ; stipules ovate, more or less toothed ; basal leaves pinnate ; leaflets 7-11, more or less pubescent or glabrate, glandular-atomiferous, 3-6 cm. long, the terminal one broadly obovate, the lateral ones obliquely elliptic or nearly orbicular, all coarsely serrate with broadly ovate or lanceolate, usually simple but often double teeth; stem-leaves similar but with fewer, sometimes more rhombic and acutish leaflets ; cyme open, with divergent branches, in fruit rather flat-topped; flowers 18-22 mm. in diameter ; hypanthium viscidvillous ; bractlets lanceolate, about a third shorter than the ovate-lanceolate pointed sepals, which are about 6 mm. or in fruit 1 cm. long; petals yellow, broadly elliptic or nearly orbicular, 8-10 mm. long, exceeding the sepals by about a
third ; stamens about 25 ; anthers flat, slightly cordate at base ; pistils many ; styles fusiform.
Type locality : Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Distribution: British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, and northern Utah.
bibliographic citation
Per Axel Rydberg. 1908. ROSACEAE (pars). North American flora. vol 22(4). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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