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Echeveria lozani Rose

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Echeveria lozani Rose, sp. nov
Acaulescent. Leaves forming a dense rosette, lying flat upon the ground, lanceolate or strap-shaped, 10 cm. long or more, 2-4 cm. broad at widest point, flattened and rather thickish except at the base, but here very thick and somewhat channeled, acute, glabrous the central ones coppercolored ; flowering stems 3-4 dm. long ; inflorescence a short panicle ; sepals unequal, ovate, acute ; corolla light copper-colored, the lobes acute.
Collected by C. G. Pringle and his assistant Filamon L. Lozano in mountains near VfvatU-n Jalisco, Mexico, October 27, 1903 {no. 11890). ntzauan,
bibliographic citation
John Kunkel SmaII, George Valentine Nash, Nathaniel Lord Britton, Joseph Nelson Rose, Per Axel Rydber. 1905. ROSALES, PODOSTEMONACEAE, CRASSULACEAE, PENTHORACEAE and PARNASSIACEAE. North American flora. vol 22(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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