Melphina statirides

Comprehensive Description

provided by Memoirs of the American Entomological Society
Melphina statirides (Holland) (Fig. 118, $ genitalia)
Baoris statirides Holland, 1896: 69; pi. 5, fig. 6 (Ogove).
=Parnara fiavifasciola H. H. Druce, 1909: 412; pi. 67, fig. 9 (Bitje, Ja River, Cameroon) .
Figures 116-119, $ genitalia. Fig. 116, Melphina unistriga, Yendamalahoun, Liberia. Fig. 117, M. tarace, Batanga, Cameroon. Fig. 118, M. statirides, Benito [Rio Muni]. Fig. 119, M. malthina, Fish Lake, Liberia.
The genitalic differences which characterize this species have been noted under unistriga and tarace. Our genitalic figure is from a Cameroon specimen. Evans ( 1 937: 164) mentions specimens from Nigeria and Cameroon and there are several specimens in Carnegie Museum from Cameroon and Rio Muni. The type specimen from Gabon is in the Staudinger Collection at Berlin.
The first record from Liberia is: Harbel, 1 2 , I (Fox).
bibliographic citation
Fox, R.M., Lindsey, A.W., Clench, H.K., Miller, L.D. 1965. The Butterflies of Liberia. Memoirs of the American Entomological Society vol. 19. Philadelphia, USA