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Octopus varunae Oommen, 1971

DIAGNOSIS.—Animals medium-sized (38–62 mm ML). Mantle oval (MWI 55–70); neck slightly constricted; head narrower than mantle (HWI 31–47); eyes prominent. Funnel large, stout, conical, funnel organ W-shaped, outer and inner limbs subequal in length. Arms short (ALI 58.7–64.6), arm formula IV > III > II > I; arms stout, gradually tapering to fine tips, fourth arm typically longest, first arms shortest. Suckers small to moderate in size (SIn 6.6–14.5), slightly elevated and well separated; first 3 adoral suckers uniserial, remainder biserial; suckers on arms IV larger than those on other arms; especially enlarged suckers on arms II and III of males only. Right arm III of males hectocotylized, subequal to fellow arm; ligula small (LLI 14.2–15.3), slender, with shallow median groove and 5 to 6 weakly developed transverse laminae; calamus reported not to exist as definite projection; however, illustrated as small and vermiform (CLI 16.5). Web exceptionally deep (WDI 65), web formula C = D = E > B > A or E > D = C > B > A. Gill lamellae 10. Ovarian eggs small, capsule 2 mm long, 0.5 mm wide. Penis simple, elongate (PLI 37); penis diverticulum bulbous. Radula with A3 seriation of rachidian. Dorsal surface of mantle with small papillae extending to oral surface of web sector A, papillae fused into small (3–4 mm) ridge along midsection of mantle, ventral mantle with fewer minute papillae, nearly smooth; 3 prominent supraocular cirri. Ocellus present on each side of head between eyes and margin of web. General color in preservation brownish red dorsally, paler ventrally, dark bands extended down dorsal side of arms near base of suckers.

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION.—Oommen, 1971:69, figs. 1–6.

TYPE LOCALITY.—Arabian Sea, 14°18′N, 73°35′E, 125–135 m.

TYPE.—Holotype: Museum deposition not indicated, assumed to be in collections of MOLK, female, 59 mm ML.

DISTRIBUTION.—Known only from the type locality.
bibliographic citation
Voss, N. A. and Sweeney, M. J. 1998. "Systematics and Biogeography of cephalopods. Volume II." Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. 277-599. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.00810282.586.277