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Paspalum squamulatum Fourn. Mex. PI. Gram. 11. 1881
Paspalum SumichrasH Fourn. Mex. PI. Gram. 11. 1881.
Stems 3-6 dm. long or more, prostrate at the base and often rooting at the lower nodes, glabrous; leaf-sheaths glabrous or sparingly hirsute, ciliate; blades up to 12 cm. long and 1 . 5 cm. wide, lanceolate, softly pubescent on both surfaces, or sometimes glabrous above and sparingly pubescent below and ciliate; racemes normally 3-10, spreading or ascending, 2-4 cm. long, the rachis about 0.5 mm. wide, often with a few scattered weak hairs; spikelets in pairs,
1.5-1.7 mm. long, about 1.3 mm. wide, broadly oval, glabrous, strongly convex, the first scale wanting, the second and third scales 3-nerved, the second markedly shorter than the third, the third equaling the fruiting scale, which is smooth and shining, yellowishwhite, and nearly orbicular.
Type locality : Chinantla, Oaxaca. Distribution : Southern Mexico to Costa Rica.
bibliographic citation
George Valentine Nash. 1912. (POALES); POACEAE (pars). North American flora. vol 17(2). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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