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Megastigma galeottii Baillon, Adansonia 10 : 331. 1872
Fagara pumila Engler, Bot. Jahrb. 21 : Beibl. 54: 21. 1896.
A small straggling shrub with often approximate, stout, crooked, grayish branches and flexuous twigs, the younger parts densely canescent-pilose ; leaves at the ends of the branchlets, 1-2 cm. long, the petioles, rachis, and lower surfaces of the leaflets cinereouspilose ; rachis wingless or sometimes very narrowly winged ; leaflets 5 or 7, subcoriaceous, the lateral ones sessile or subsessile, obliquely ovate to orbicular, 3-7 mm. long, 2.5-6 mm. broad, commonly rounded and occasionally emarginate at the apex, cuneate to obliquely rounded at the base, the terminal leaflet usually slightly larger, obovate-cuneate to suborbicular or subcordate ; flowers white, in short, terminal, few-flowered racemes ; sepals triangular or triangular-ovate, ciliate ; petals 2-2.5 mm. long, 1-2 mm. broad ; fruit solitary or paired, long-pedicelled, pyriform or subglobose, 2.5-3 mm. in diameter.
Type locality : Cactus-abounding plains on the Cordillera of Oaxaca. Distribution : Puebla and Oaxaca.
bibliographic citation
John Kunkel Small, Lenda Tracy Hanks, Nathaniel Lord Britton. 1907. GERANIALES, GERANIACEAE, OXALIDACEAE, LINACEAE, ERYTHROXYLACEAE. North American flora. vol 25(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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