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Begonia elianeae Gregório & J. A. S. Costa


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Shrub, 1–2.5 m high, monoecious, with sparse minute, simple hairs and microscopic glandular hairs to essentially glabrous. Stem erect to scandent, fleshy, sparsely pilose, longitudinally striate in herbarium specimens; internodes 1.7–5 cm long. Stipules 1.7–3.5 × 0.6–0.8 cm, lanceolate, apex apiculate, margin entire, with minute hairs to essentially glabrous, appressed, persistent. Leaves: petiole 1.3–3.3 cm long, cylindrical, with minute hairs to essentially glabrous; blade 13–18.2 × 6.2–8 cm, oblong to obovate, entire, asymmetrical, basifixed; base oblique; apex acuminate; margin entire to slightly undulate, glabrescent to glabrous on both surfaces, discolorous, adaxial surface green, abaxial surface light green to vinaceous; venation craspedodromous, thickened. Inflorescence: dichasial cyme 9–15 cm long, 4–8-flowered; peduncle 4,5–6 cm long, with minute hairs to essentially glabrous, vinaceous; first order bracts ca. 15 × 6 mm, obovate, apex rounded, margin entire, caducous. Staminate flowers: pedicel 10–14 mm long, glandular; tepals 4, white, the outer pair larger, 15–17 × 15–17 mm, orbicular to ovate, apex rounded, margin entire, concave, glabrescent on abaxial surface, the inner pair 12–14 × 3–4 mm, elliptic to oblanceolate, apex acute to obtuse, margin entire, concave, glabrous; androecium actinomorphic, stamens 26–34, filaments 0.1–1.2 mm long, free, anthers 2–3 mm long, rimose, connective not prolonged. Pistillate flowers [only seen in bud]: bracteoles 2, opposite, borne on pedicel, just below the ovary, caducous [not seen; inferred by pedicel scars on flower bud]; pedicel of floral bud ca. 1 cm long; tepals of floral bud 5, 9.2–10 × 5–7 mm, three slightly larger ones, elliptic, apex acute to obtuse, margin entire, glabrescent on the abaxial surface, white [styles damaged]; ovary ca. 7.5 mm long, trilocular, placentation axile, placenta bifid [obtained from capsules]. Capsules 1.8–2 × 2.7–3.7 cm [including wings], three-winged, glabrescent, light green, young wings vinaceous, becoming brown at maturity, dehiscing at the basal portion; wings unequal, larger ones 2–2.3 × 1.7–2.1 cm, apex obtuse to rounded, smaller ones 1.5–1.8 × 0.6–0.8 cm, rounded. Seeds ca. 0.3 mm long, oblong.
Bernarda de Souza Gregório, Jorge Antonio Silva Costa, Alessandro Rapini
bibliographic citation
Gregório B, Costa J, Rapini A (2015) Three new species of Begonia (Begoniaceae) from Bahia, Brazil PhytoKeys (44): 1–13
Bernarda de Souza Gregório
Jorge Antonio Silva Costa
Alessandro Rapini
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