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Oithona decipiens Farran, 1913

Oithona decipiens Farran, 1913:184–185, pl. 28: figs. 4–11.—Kiefer, 1929:7.—Mori, 1937:111, pl. 61: figs. 9–14.—Chen et al., 1974:32, pl. 2: figs. 1–5.—Nishida et al., 1977:183–184, fig. 7.

MATERIAL.—34 from PN-13-60.

FEMALE.—Length range 0.60–0.72 mm. Knob near genital opening armed with a single, thick, curved spine, toothed on posterior edge (Figure 5a). Ri2P4 both setae modified (Figure 5b), slightly curved; distal thicker than proximal, with more well-developed flange on distal ; proximal with flange on distal ¼. Ri3P4 proximal setae thickened with flange on distal .
bibliographic citation
Ferrari, Frank D. and Bowman, Thomas E. 1980. "Pelagic copepods of the family Oithonidae (Cyclopoida) from the east coasts of Central and South America." Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. 1-27. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.00810282.312