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Macrobrachium weberi (De Man, 1892)

Palaemon (Eupalaemon) Weberi De Man. 1892:421, pl. 25: fig. 33 [type locality: southwestern Celebes].

Macrobrachium weberi.—Holthuis, 1950a: 122, fig. 26.—Johnson, 1973:280.

DIAGNOSIS.—Rostrum reaching nearly to or beyond level of distal end of antennal scale, dorsal margin sinuous, rostral formula: 1–2 + 9–12/4–6, dorsal teeth unequally spaced; branchiostegal suture not extending posteriorly beyond hepatic spines; telson with posterior apex not extending posteriorly beyond posterolateral spines; antennal scale with lateral margin slightly convex; 2nd pereopods unequal in length but similar in form, palm subcylindrical, fingers clothed in dense pubescence, dentate on opposable margins, not gaping, fingers as long as palm, palm without any dense pubescence, chela shorter than carpus, palm less than as long as carpus, carpus 1 times as long as merus, without longitudinal grooves; 3rd pereopod overreaching antennal scale by less or more than length of dactyl, propodus bearing numerous small, appressed spines; maximum postorbital carapace length about 30 mm.

RANGE.—Perhaps confined to Celebes.

Nematopalaemon Holthuis, 1950

Nematopalaemon Holthuis, 1950a:5, 9, 44 [type species, by original designation: Leander tenuipes Henderson, 1893:440; gender: masculine].

DIAGNOSIS.—Rostrum with elevated basal crest; carapace with marginal branchiostegal spine, without branchiostegal suture or hepatic spine; mandible with palp; 3 posterior pairs of pereopods with dactyl simple, not biunguiculate, longer than propodus; 1st pleopod of male without appendix interna on endopod.

RANGE.—South Africa, India, Burma, Philippines, Taiwan, eastern Pacific off Colombia, Guiana region of northeastern South America, and West Africa from Liberia to Angola; littoral in marine, brackish, and freshwater habitats.
bibliographic citation
Chace, Fenner Albert, Jr. and Bruce, A. J. 1993. "The caridean shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda) of the Albatross Philippine Expedition 1907-1910, Part 6: Superfamily Palaemonoidea." Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. 1-152. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.00810282.543