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Exopalaemon styliferus (H. Milne Edwards, 1840)

P[alaemon] longirostris H. Milne Edwards, 1837:394 [type locality: mouth of the Ganges; not P. longirostris H. Milne Edwards, 1837:392].

P[alaemon] styliferus H. Milne Edwards, 1840:638.

Leander styliferus.—Kemp, 1917:214, figs. 5, 6a, b, pl. 8: fig. 2.

Palaemon (Exopalaemon) styliferus.—Holthuis, 1950a:46, fig. 8.

DIAGNOSIS.—Rostrum armed with 5–7 teeth on basal crest, 1–3 dorsal subterminal teeth, and 6–10 ventral teeth; 4 posterior abdominal somites not sharply carinate in dorsal mid-line; antennular peduncle with distolateral spine on basal segment barely overreaching adjacent distal margin of segment, free part of shorter branch of dorsolateral flagellum several times as long as fused part; 2nd pereopod with carpus considerably shorter than chela; 3rd pereopod with dactyl no more than as long as propodus; maximum carapace length nearly 20 mm.

RANGE.—India, Pakistan, Burma, Thailand, Borneo, and Java; shallow, salt, brackish, and fresh water.

*Leander E. Desmarest, 1849

Leander E. Desmarest, 1849:92 [type species, by monotypy: Leander erraticus E. Desmarest, 1849:92 (= Palaemon tenuicornis Say. 1818:249); gender: masculine].

Cryptoleander Gurney, 1938:35 [this name was proposed as a uninomial collective-group name; Gurney and Lebour (1941:145, 159) referred Leander tenuicornis to the name, thereby according it true generic status].

DIAGNOSIS.—Rostrum without elevated basal crest; carapace with submarginal branchiostegal spine, without hepatic spine or branchiostegal suture; 4th thoracic sternite without slender median process; mandible with palp; 3 posterior pairs of pereopods with dactyl simple, not biunguiculate, shorter than propodus; endopod of male 1st pleopod with appendix interna.

RANGE.—Red Sea to Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, western Atlantic, eastern Atlantic, and Mediterranean; on floating weed in the open sea and among attached plants in shallow water.
bibliographic citation
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