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Delta campaniforme esuriens (Fabricius)

This common wasp reaches the southeastern part of the Palaearciic Region in Iraq and Iran, but it is widely distributed in the Oriental Region where it ranges from the Indian subcontinent eastward through Burma, Thailand, Borneo, Java, and the Philippines. My records from Sri Lanka are as follows.

Anuradhapura District: Padaviya and Galkadawala

Polonnaruwa District: Polonnaruwa

Trincomalee District: Trincomalee, China Bay

Amparai District: Inginiyagala, Uhana, and Lahugala Sanctuary

Matale District: Kibissa near Sigiriya

Kandy District: Udawattakele Sanctuary

Colombo District: Papiliyana, Colombo, and Ratmalana

Ratnapura District: Uda Walawe

Monaragala District Mau Aru

Hambantota District: Palatupana

The species is much more common in the Dry Zone, but it is found also in the other two ecological zones. It occurs from sea level to an altitude of 610 m at localities where the average annual rainfall ranges from 920 to 2032 mm.

NEST.—A mud nest was found at the bungalow on the west bank of Uda Walawe Reservoir on 25 September 1977. The nest was constructed in a gap between mortar and two bricks in the bungalow wall. There was a row of eight cells in a space of 10.5 cm. The tops of the pots were more or less obscured by mud that had been plastered over them after construction. The first cell at the left contained a fully colored teneral female in a delicate white opaque silken cocoon. Cells 2 and 3 each had an emergence hole and remnants of the same kind of cocoon; presumably each contained a male that had already emerged. Cells 4 through 8 each contained a female pupa, the one in 4 fully colored and ready to eclose, those in 5–8 successively less mature.
bibliographic citation
Krombein, Karl V. 1991. "Biosystematic Studies of Ceylonese Wasps, XIX: Natural History Notes in Several Families (Hymenoptera: Eumenidae, Vespidae, Pompilidae and Crabronidae)." Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. 1-41. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.00810282.515