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Porter's Reedgrass

Calamagrostis porteri A. Gray

Comprehensive Description

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Calamagrostis porteri A. Gray, Proc. Am. Acad. 6: 79. 1862
Deyeuxia Porteri Vasey, Grasses U. S. 28. 1883. (Based on Calamagrostis Porteri A. Gray.)
Culms slender, glabrous, erect, 2-4-noded, 60-120 cm. tall, with slender rhizomes; sheaths glabrous except the pubescent collar; ligule 2-4 mm. long; blades flat, spreading, lax, scaberulous, 4-8 mm. wide; panicle narrow but rather loose, pale or purplish, erect or somewhat nodding, 10-15 cm. long, the axis scabrous, the branches scabrous, ascending or appressed, overlapping, as much as 5 cm. long; glumes acuminate, scaberulous, 4-6 mm. long; lemma slightly shorter than the glumes, toothed at the apex, the awn from near the base, about as long as the lemma, bent and protruding from the side of the glumes; palea about as long as the lemma; callus-hairs rather scant, nearly half as long as the lemma; rachilla-hairs scant, extending to aboul 3 mm.
Type locality: Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania (Porter in 1862).
Di iTRIBUTION: Dry rocky soil, rare, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia (Luray), and West Virginia.
bibliographic citation
Albert Spear Hitchcock. 1937. (POALES); POACEAE (pars). North American flora. vol 17(7). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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