EOL at the TDWG 2016 Annual Conference

December 01, 2016 00:00

EOL team members will be attending the TDWG 2016 Annual Conference in Santa Clara de San Carlos, Costa Rica from 5 to 9 December 2016.

Dr. Jennifer Hammock, a co-organizer of the symposium "Big Data Analysis Methods and Techniques as Applied to Biocollections", will present a talk titled "Fresh Data: what's new and what's interesting?" on Wednesday at 5:15 PM.

Dr. Hammock is also a co-author on "GUODA: A Unified Platform for Large-Scale Computational Research on Open-Access Biodiversity Data" that will be presented on Wednesday at 4:45 PM.

Dr. Hammock and Dr. Katja Schulz will be presenting a poster with Jorrit Poelen about the GloBI-EOL collaboration titled "Pragmatic, scalable aggregation of organismal interaction data".

The Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG), formerly the Taxonomic Databases Working Group, is a not for profit scientific and educational association that is affiliated with the International Union of Biological Sciences.

TDWG was formed to establish international collaboration among biological database projects. TDWG promoted the wider and more effective dissemination of information about the World's heritage of biological organisms for the benefit of the world at large. Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) now focuses on the development of standards for the exchange of biological/biodiversity data.

Learn more about TDWG at http://www.tdwg.org