Image of Birnenbovist

Image of Birnenbovist


Habitat: mixed wood, Picea abies and Fagus Sylvatica dominant trees; moderately inclined mountain slope, south aspect; calcareous ground; in shade, relatively warm place; partly protected from direct rain by tree canopies; average precipitations ~ 3.000 mm/year, average temperature 6-7 deg C, elevation 1.000 m (3.300 feet), alpine phytogeographical region.Substratum: short, highly disintegrated and moss overgrown log of Picea abies lying on ground.Comment: Lycoperdon pyriforme has probably the most beautiful form of all our puffballs. It is a rather common species, which often grows in large tufted groups. It has almost global distribution (not present in Africa). In Himalaya it climbs up to 4.000 m elevation (Ref.:3). It is easy recognized by its typical form and the fact that it grows on rotten wood of conifers and broadleaved trees contrary to other puffballs, which grow on soil. Frequently the wood is almost totally decomposed or partly buried in ground, so it superficially appears that the mushrooms grow on soil. Further, white subgleba, which remains white also in mature sporocarps, is a sure identification characteristic. Photographed sporocarps were growing in a small group of six fruit bodies.Spores smooth. Dimensions: 3.7 [4.1 ; 4.2] 4.6 x 3.5 [3.9 ; 4] 4.4 microns; Q = [1 ; 1.06] 1.1; N = 30; C = 95%; Me = 4.2 x 4 microns; Qe = 1. Motic B2-211A, NEA 100x/1.25, magnification 1.000 x, oil, in water; in vivo. AmScope MA500 digital camera.Ref.:(1) Personal communication with Mr. Bojan Rot, www.gobenabovskem.com.(2) L. Hagar, Ottova Encyklopedia Hb, Ottova Nakladatelstvi, Praha (2015) (in Slovakian), p 934.(3) G.J. Krieglsteiner (Hrsg.), Die Grosspilze Baden-Wrttembergs, Band 2., Ulmer (2000), p 152. (4) S. Buczacki, Collins Fungi Guide, Collins (2012), p 430. (5) J. Breitenbach, F. Kraenzlin, Eds., Fungi of Switzerland, Vol.2., Verlag Mykologia (1986), p 394.

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