Image of Scolia dubia (Say 1837)

Image of Scolia dubia (Say 1837)


Blue-winged Wasp (Scolia dubia) 7 September 2015: While visiting the area of Valley View, Texas in Cooke County (the last Texas county bordering the Oklahoma border at this point on the map) we came across a large bush about four feet tall simply filled to the brim with bright yellow blossoms and it was teeming with several kinds of wasps and bees. We've identified one of the wasps and that wasp is Blue-winged Wasp (Scolia dubia) which apparently true to its online description feeds on the nectar of flowering plants during the fall and winter. There were many members of this species feeding frantically in the hour or so before sunset. At dusk, near sunset, when we prepared to leave the area we noticed that the bees and wasps had gone home and left the flowering bush alone as if nothing had happened. We are highly interested in identifying this yellow wildflower and if anyone knows what it is please share its IDentity with us as well. Many thanks in advance. Due to the rains that fell last spring 2015 in Texas and this region included both sides of Northshore Lane were filled with water. The Elm Fork Trinity River which flows south adjacent to this location has exceeded its banks and constitutes currently still part of an extended northernmost finger of Lake Ray Robers which reaches as far north as this location in its present condition. For weeks this past summer this entire area was impassable due to the existing flooding of both State Highway 922 and Northshore Lane. Alternate routes had to be used to access the area.

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