Leaf with leaf spots - top surface - white background

Image of Pseudocercospora depazeoides (Desm.) U. Braun & Crous 2015


Longitude (deg): -1.2. Latitude (deg): 51.3. Longitude (deg/min): 1° 10' W. Latitude (deg/min): 51° 20' N. Vice county name: Berks. Vice county no.: 22. Country: England. Stage: Anamorph. Associated species: Sambucus nigra. Identified by: Malcolm Storey. Comment: grey leaf spots on live and fading Elder leaves. Category: macro-photograph. Real world width(mm): 176.5808. Background: white background. Photographic equipment used: Specimen directly scanned on HP Scanjet 5470c flatbed scanner. For some photographs of some specimens (eg leaf mines) the transparency adaptor was used.

Source Information

Malcolm Storey