Sound of Slender-billed White-eye


This is the raw, unedited recording, taken on my iPhone. The recording was taken on an unsealed road right near the entrance of the National Park (Red Road entrance). The habitat was bordering private cleared property on one side, a Cherry guava thicket (Psidium cattleianum) on another side, and some native hardwood forest on another side. I was standing near a small native hardwood (can't remember the species) and a very curious adult Slender-billed White-eye of unknown sex was observing me and calling as it did so. The recording captures the calls of this single individual plus the call of one other individual very briefly around 0:28. There were multiple other Slender-billed White-eyes in the same tree (I can't remember how many but definitely <8). The plumage appeared to be fully adult. I was standing around 1-2m from the tree, so had a completely unobscured view of the calling bird. The other Slender-bills did not seem interested in my presence. Norfolk Parakeet and Norfolk Golden Whistler are calling in the background. bird-seen:yes playback-used:no

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Alexandra Nance
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Alexandra Nance, XC497081. Accessible at www.xeno-canto.org/497081.
Alexandra Nance
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